“Come as You Are…Leave Better!”

Personal Training - Nutrition - Massage & Body Work


Saldare celebrates your whole person. Personal training, massage, nutrition and overall wellness: whatever the reason you have walked through our doors, we see YOU. That's why our space is friendly, warm, welcoming and supportive of your whole-person.

Laugh. Sweat. Feel Infinitely Better.

We're a collection of experts practicing our crafts collectively under one roof. We share an abiding passion for helping you reach your health and fitness goals in a way that feels organic, joyful and in-line with the rest of your life.

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It begins with a conversation.

Yup, you're gonna have to talk to us.

In order to pair you with the perfect member of our team, we need to know with clarity what you're truly looking for from your experience at Saldare. We get to know you a bit, and ensure the person you're spending time with will be a good match. We look at a number of different factors, including:

  • Expertise is in line with your unique goals;

  • Personality match: because you NEED to have fun when you’re training or you won’t;

  • Dates & times work for you.


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The first step is a conversation