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Kirsten Amann

Kirsten Amann

PERSONAL TRAINER/yoga instructor/reiki practitioner


Kirsten Amann (better known to friends and clients as Kitty) is an ACE-certified personal trainer, registered yoga teacher, and certified reiki practitioner. Kitty found her way to fitness in her mid-twenties though yoga. What began as a break from the treadmill developed into a weekly habit and a deep fascination with the mind body-connection.

The quest to tackle the most physically challenging yoga asanas inevitably led Kitty back to the gym. Previously intimidated by the weight room, she discovered strength training as the key to transforming her practice.

Bubbly. Peaceful. Happy. Experienced.

With 15 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, most recently as brand ambassador for a popular liquor brand, Kitty is accustomed to the challenge of balancing work, play, and wellness. She strives to meet clients where they are and help them make small changes that amount to big results.

Whether teaching yogis to balance, conditioning with cardio, or helping weightlifters learn to improve their results with flexibility, she incorporates multiple modalitites to create well-rounded programs for her clients. Kitty is thrilled to be part of the esteemed team at Saldare.

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  • 1 hour session $95 – 10 sessions for $850

  • 30 minute session $50- 10 sessions for $450

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Justine Ferguson

Justine Ferguson


yoga therapist/yoga teacher

Justine Ferguson is a yoga therapist and yoga teacher, as well as a licensed school teacher in the states of Massachusetts and California.

In 2004, Justine began her yoga journey and continued her study of the body-mind connection in California. She became a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200 hours) in 2007. She began integrating yoga and mindfulness into her elementary classrooms, middle school classrooms and P.E. classes; and offered instruction to her adult colleagues and school community.

Justine moved back to her native state of Massachusetts in late 2013 and received her facilitation certification from Learning from the Heart program (learning subject matter utilizing movement/yoga). She found Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) in 2016 and dove into her yoga therapy training. She completed over 600 hours of training and became a certified yoga therapist (600 hours) through PRYT in the winter of 2018. Since 2017, she has offered private individual Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions and has facilitated trauma-informed group yoga classes, an 8-week stress management program, and silent meditative walks around Walden Pond.

Justine is excited to introduce yoga therapy to the Saldare community under her business name Trinity Yoga Therapy. She will facilitate a direct experience of present-centered awareness and assist each client in the practice of developing a deeper relationship to their body and listening to its messages.

What is yoga therapy?

The best way to describe yoga therapy - in particular, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy - is the following description from the school’s website:

“Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art. Using age-old yogic and modern therapeutic approaches to deepen awareness and presence, [it is] able to help others accept themselves more fully. Out of this acceptance they are more easily moved to embrace the opportunity for change, growth and enhanced well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy one-on-one session […] consists of practitioner assisted yoga postures and a dialogue process that is client-centered, open-ended and non-directive. The client is facilitated through an experience of [themselves] in the present moment. And whatever happens in the present moment — physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, finds richness in relationship to the bigger picture of how that client is being in the world in daily life — work, play, family and relationships.”

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  • 60 minute session: $108

  • 6 sessions @ $609 (6% off)

  • 10 sessions @ $972 (10% off)

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Ty Pardue

Ty Pardue

Meditation/mindfulness coach


I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to an Irish Mom and an American Dad. After nine years of living in the US, we moved to Ireland where I lived until 2003 when I returned to America with my wife and two children.

Throughout my life, I've been fascinated with the martial arts and trained with some of the world’s most renowned masters of Japanese Karate and Jiujitsu. Yoshihiko Iwasaki, Masafumi Shiomitsu and Tatsuo Suzuki were huge influences in my life. In particular, Master Shiomitsu who inspired me to follow my path with courage and determination. These men told me that if I wanted to master martial arts, I must practice the form of Zen meditation called “Shikentaza” or “focused sitting” which I practiced daily during my teens, through college, and throughout my business career.

I was a quiet, somewhat shy, un-athletic teenager. But I pushed myself to compete in Karate tournaments despite my fear and anxiety. Karate tournaments in those days were not the controlled game they are today. You stood an excellent chance of breaking an arm or even losing your teeth. The training at the Dojo leading up to a tournament was even worse. The fighting was bare-knuckle, bloody and brutal. It was my meditation practice that helped me survive and to develop the right mindset to become Irish National Karate Champion and European champion on several occasions.

As a young man, I was hungry to learn everything I could about meditation. I studied Zen with Alain Liebman Roshi of Taisen Deshimaru’s Soto Zen lineage and Bhakti Yoga with Prithu Das of the Vedantic tradition. I also studied Tibetan Buddhism and received initiation from Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, abbot of the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. I was very fortunate to have received personal instruction and guidance from Claude Anshin Thomas, a student of Thich Nhat Hanh and Tetsugen Bernard Glassman of the Zen Peacemaker Order.


• Meditation and mindfulness practice since 1978
• BA Visual Communications and Design
• BA Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine
• Over 30 years of business consulting
• Certified Wado-Ryu Karate Instructor since 1982
• Irish National Karate Champion in 1982, ’84, ’85, ’92
• European Wado-Ryu Karate Champion 1998, 2000
• Sotai–Japanese therapeutic stretching
• Personal Coaching

AREAS of expertise:

  • All modalities of recognized meditation and mindfulness practices

  • Chinese and Japanese medicine, including:

    • Anatomy and physiology, acupuncture and acupressure

  • Teaching meditation, movement, and martial arts

  • Developing athletic training programs and managing winning martial-arts teams


  • 1 hour session - $175

  • 30 min session - $100

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Lee Skunes

Lee Skunes



Lee’s background includes a 200 HR Yoga Certification, NASM Personal Training, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sports Performance Specialist (PES), and a background in brain based fitness and movement. He also provides services in Reiki and Precision Nutrition Coaching.

He loves working with those who have felt left behind the health and wellness movement. With a comminuted to supporting an inclusive environment, body positivity, and growth to cater towards your needs, Lee looks forward to working with you.

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  • 200 HR Yoga Certification

  • NASM Personal Training

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Sports Performance Specialist (PES)

  • Reiki

  • Precision Nutrition Coaching


  • Chronic Issues

  • Injury Prevention

  • Sports Performance

  • Yoga

  • Anatomy

  • Interval Training

  • Individualized Program

  • Sports Specific Training


  • 1 hour session – $110

  • 10 pack - 1 hour sessions for $1000

    **30 minute sessions based on availability**

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