Joscelyn Chapman

Joscelyn Chapman

Yoga & Pilates Instructor


Joscelyn began practicing Pilates in her late teens and after years of experiencing its benefits, decided to begin teaching this unique form of exercise. She received her certifications in Barre, Reformer, Pilates Mat, and Authentic Classical Pilates in Boston and has been teaching for 2 years. With over 1,000- teaching hours and 500 classroom hours, Joscelyn provides a comprehensive personalized experience.

Joscelyn’s clients choose Pilates over other forms of exercise for many reasons, including, but not limited to: back issues, frozen shoulder, joint issues, muscle tightness, hip and waist compression, pre-/post-natal fitness, posture, or simply to create a longer, leaner physique. Pilates is also used by many of her clients as a way to train for marathons, better their golf game, and improve performance in team sports.

You don’t need to have any experience in Pilates or even working out to enjoy the full benefits of a Pilates session with Joscelyn. Each session is specifically tailored to fit your needs and goals, and you are guaranteed to leave feeling taller and stronger.

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  • 1 hour pilates session– $95 - 10 pack sessions $900

  • 30 minute pilates session- $65 - 10 pack sessions $630

*Hour long 10 packs cannot be split into half hour sessions

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