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Do You Experience Tingling In Your hands?

TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) occurs when the brachial plexus, a large bundle of nerves and blood vessels between your neck and shoulder, is compressed and irritated by tight muscles in the neck and chest region.

This compression of your brachial plexus is most likely a result of too-far-forward posturing during a repetitive activity (playing an instrument) or job (typing). This can result in forearm discomfort, tingling in the hands, and in some cases, coldness in the hands.

You can determine if you have TOS by this simple test: Standing with your back against a wall, make “goal posts” with your arms, then open and close your hands for 2 minutes. If your feel tightening and/or tingling in your forearms and/or hands, then you might have TOS. Consult with a physical therapist to get an accurate diagnosis, and then get to work stretching your chest and neck, and strengthening your postural muscles!

5 Reasons You Fail To Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2019

1. Not knowing what to do

You or someone you know has probably set some sort of health and fitness goal as a New Year resolution. Whether that is to lose weight, being working out or just get more conscious about your nutritional habits, making a resolution to lead a healthier life can be challenging! Many of us decide to start exercising and take up any sort of workout that we feel like. Many of us start running everyday or exercising on elliptical, or go to the gym and perform any sort of exercise that we see others performing in the gym. With enthusiasm and drive to get fit FAST, we workout everyday with no real ‘plan’ which can lead to injuries or do not see results so we just give up all together.

Reaching a certain fitness goal is a bit more intricate than just going for a run and eating kale. We need to be a little more specific about our fitness goals and then choose the right type of workout to attain that goal. A workout regimen for losing fat and for gaining muscles can be very different, which both will be different from the workout for endurance. Not performing the workout suited for our needs and just performing exercises based on what others are performing will only result in disappointment. Sticking to a workout program requires positive reinforcement, where you see good results of your effort. This can only happen if the workout is suited to your fitness goals and provides you good results without injuring you.

2 Not setting goals properly

We MUST define our goals in order to achieve them. It is not enough to simply say “get in shape” or “lose weight” or “get strong” We need to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic,and timely) If we don’t set specific goals, the result is after some time we lose interest and get back to our old habits.

A fitness goal must be specific and measurable. For example, if you want to lose 5 pounds, setting up a specific plan to get there or to increase your weight in squats, get on a specific strength training program to achieve that!

3. Not defining the deadlines correctly

Our brains work best if we set guidelines. If you have a work deadline, your boss gives you a date, if you sign up for a race, you have the date your racing! We need these dates to ensure we are staying on track. A goal can seem very distant and could be demotivating if you aren’t sure when or how you will achieve it. Set LONG and SHORT term guidelines in order to make great steps along the way. These short term goals will also add as an extra motivation along the way.

4. Lack of consistency and/or follow through

There MUST be follow through with any fitness or nutrition plan. Without a follow through, we will go back to our old habits and also get very frustrated. A plan is a MUST but executing it is

even more of a MUST. For instance, plan out the times that you are going to workout and make it a POINT to get in that workout. It is just like an appointment with your boss where you cannot reschedule or cancel. Set reminders for yourself and set yourself up for success. Leave your clothes on the floor in the morning so when your alarm goes off, you are more likely to put them on. Set yourself up for success by making these reminders convenient for you.

5. No Shortcuts

In this industry, short cuts are everywhere. The shake on instagram, the pills in the drugstore. Right in front of our eyes, there are ways that we can short cut our journey. The truth is that nothing will ever work as well as work and consistency. While these products seem so enticing as easy ways to get in our best shape, there are no shortcuts in life, and will end up being a waste of both our time and money.

As we consistently perform our workout, we start to enjoy them and gradually develop a healthy habit, which makes the full journey very rewarding. Think about it, what would be more rewarding, magically swallowing a pill and getting in shape instantly or working for 1 year to get to your fitness goals and enjoying the whole journey.

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